Tuesday, 8 January 2008

7 Secrets Of Sucess - Change Rocks

Just like what Senator Barack Obama proclaimed in his presidential campaign "Change Rocks". I woke up this morning with a changed attitude and perception towards my environment, and I found 7 answers to "Success" inside my room.

1. My Roof said: "Aim High"
2. My Fan Said: "Keep Your Cool"
3. My Window said: "Open your Eyes and See the world"
4. My Clock said: "Every Second is precious"
5. My Mirror said: "Reflect on Yourself before you act"
6. My Calendar said: "Be up to date"
7. My Door said: " Push hard to seek your goals"

Never did I realise "The Secret" to success is just right within my room. Indeed "Change" rocks my world.

Dedicate this to my buddy "Karen"


EuroYank said...

Thanks for your comment ...
"It's sad poverty still exist in this world. What I have learn in life from my mentor is "Poverty is not the lack of Money, Poverty is the proof of misguided money." God made all of us more than conquerors and all of us can do our part to make this world a better place to live in."stormwhistle

We are all born naked, but some of us are born into rich families. Poverty is the result of many generations that are kept uneducated and slaves without hope.
It has nothing to do with misguided money.

stormwhistle said...

Hi got your reply, "Poverty is not the lack of Money, Poverty is the proof of misguided money" do have some truths in it, when we look at the political, social system of the country. just to clarify myself :)

EuroYank said...

Stormwhistle you spend a lot of time talking about misguided money... 8 million people have been butchered in Africa in the last four years. Millions have been and still are being butchered in DARFUR. They have no oil there. Instead of bombarding me with you wisdom why don't you send some emails to the fascists in Sudan, or better yet why don't you ask yourself and your country why they do not volunteer to fight and support all these defenseless people in Darfur and the Congo etc.
Go to DARFUR and preach to them about MISGUIDED MONEY. What are you a rich kid that reads and watches videos and never went out into the real world?

dson said...

Hey stormwhistle thanks for dropping by! :) I liked your comment, I was not at all offended. :)

I liked the 7 secrets as well. :)

lilifxt said...

hi there 7 secrets is very nice post from now whenevr i wake up and see my room stuff ill remeber the secrets

thx for dropping by ...i see u doing good job on here keep it up

Anonymous said...

Thank's for the messages I am glad also be to part of your community.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. The way you perceive the physical items in room make me think life is how you look at it. That's what you are trying to say. right ??

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