Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Qassia new web2.0 service

Qassia ia a newly started Web 2.0 service which is based on a platform for getting backlinks and user-generated-content(UGC).

You can earn Qassia dollars by different ways such as add intel (which means intelligence), or through referring new members. At the moment, you will earn $500 Qassia dollars for each new member referred. The $500 dollars per user referral will only valid within 12-hours after you join Qassia, after that you will only get $100 per user.

Heres another cool feature is, the more Qassia dollars you earn, the more backlinks you will get. New bloggers are encourage to join. It is because most of the new bloggers will try different methods to improve website ranking and also get more visitors, while Qassia provide both these service for free!Sign Up Qassia Here

Currently, you can only register your account through a referrer. So, hurry up! Register your Qassia account now and start building your free backlinks.

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