Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Remember to forget

Remember to forget. Isn’t this an irony to most of us?? Why do we need to learn & memorize so many things in the first place and eventually have to forget. Most of us will not want to be label as a forgetful person as it makes us “unreliable”, but it is a fact to be able to “forget” is a “tool” most of us has resist to own. Many of us had this misconception about the word “Forget”. “Ability to Forget” is not always a bad thing. Let share this with you - “Forgetting is not the inability to recall or retrieve a memory”. It is not amnesia. Forgetting and amnesia it is a different thing.

According to Famous Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud – “The propensity to forget” is related to a personal motivation to suppress unpleasant memories.

My Friends “Your ability to forget is God’s gift to you”

Let share to you incident that happened too my friend and his GF. Both of them had been together for 4 years. She was his first love and she was the woman whom he wants to marry. She was everything to him. Everything was like a fairy tale until one day he discovered she was seeing another man behind his back. Of Course he didn’t believe this as he trusted her and it was his friends that told him this, it was until he secretly followed her and he caught her with the man in her apartment DOING!!! Something which I’m afraid I can’t reveal the details in this meeting.

This whole episode is not just about unfaithfulness. It was the hurt that was caused by the woman he loved, My friend was unable to forgive her. He brought this pain to his life and ran his life using the experience he went through. He couldn’t let go of the past, to bring himself to love and trust another woman that comes into his life.

I can understand the kind of pain that my friend went through but, “When he keeps on replaying your past, he is poisons his present” What a tragedy! The only way is to forgive and forget and to move on with his life. This is the solution to his problem. This may sounds simple, but something it is ready to do it.

May be you are one of those who said I will forgive, but I’ll will never forget what the person has done to me. I’m sorry to tell you that you haven’t forgiven at all.

“Forgetting the offense” is the key factor in true forgiveness and without the conscious act of forgetting there can be no forgiveness.

My friends! Is there someone in your life you have not forgiven? The person may have hurt you or maybe wrong you. And you have not been able to bring yourself to forgive that person. Or maybe that person is yourself, there are people who can’t forgive themselves and forget about their mistake the have committed, they could not walk away and they ended their life.

The Golden key to your Door is always the problem closest to your heart. Only through true forgiveness you will be able to let yourself free. The benefit is you will be a better and happier person as “Happiness is not something you should postpone for the future but something you design for the present”

Last but not least, I hope you did benefit from this simple message. I will like to end my message with this simple quote which I have found rather interesting. “Most of us can forgive and forget; we just don’t want the other person to forget what we forgave”.

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-aLLYSa- said...

It's such an inspiring post =) Yes,it's true that forgiveness and forgetting is not as easy as it is said. I personally experienced what you described in your friend's 'story' and having gone through such a difficult time, it's really hard to be able to forget all d past and learn to trust ppl again. Thank you for writing such a wonderful post, it motivates me in a way to look forward to future life rather than dwelling in the past :)

May God bless you abundantly and be with you always =)