Monday, 11 February 2008

Team Hoyt - Dick and Rick Hoyt

Dick Hoyt is undoubtedly one of the greatest fathers to live. He is certainly one of the most inspiring people you will ever find. The story has to do with his son, Rick Hoyt. It is all about refusing to give in when things are going against you.

Dick Hoyt has run dozens of marathons. He has completed numerous of triathlons, including the Ironman Triathalon in Kona Hawaii on a number of occasions. He is now in his sixties, but has the body most of us would die for. So, why is he so inspiring.

Dick Hoyt does not get out and go for himself. He has a partner his son Ricky Hoyt together they are Team Hoyt. His son Rick is physically disabled. When Rick was born, the umbilical cord got caught around his neck. Doctors told the Hoyts he would be a vegetable. They told the family to put him in an institution. The Hoyts refused and an incredibly inspiring story began.

Rick was severely disabled to the point he cannot take care for himself, communicate and do anything. Dick Hoyt noticed, however, his son could laugh. He researched and hunted around the country for some way to build a communication method for his son. Eventually, they were able to get a device together that lets Rick type out words by pushing the side of his head against a panel. Once Rick started communicating, he and his dad were watching a race one day held as a benefit for a classmate that had been paralyzed. Rick “told” his dad, “I want to do that!”

At the time, Dick Hoyt was out of shape. Given the excitement of his son, he started working out. He started running taking Rick with him in a wheeled runner. His son told him he didn’t feel disabled when they were running together. Being a great father, Dick Hoyt began working out more and more. Soon, he and his son were competing in just about anything. In Triathalons, for instance, Dick does the swim by pulling Rick behind him in a dingy. He then has a custom bike that lets Rick sit on the front in a canopy type device. On the run, he pulls Rick behind him in a wheeled device. And they have completed the Ironman Triathalon on three occasions. Think about that for a minute. People competing by themselves have problems finishing.

If this story doesn’t inspire you, perhaps seeing a video of it will.

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