Monday, 21 April 2008

No Effort is Wasted!!!

Have you every ask yourself this question? If I can relive my life all over again what will be the one thing I will want to change?
Different people will have different answer.
Some will say :
I wish I had studied harder in school therefore.....
I wish I had work harder so I that will have a better life now...
I wish I had made that investment....

We can never change the decision we made years back. There are always consequences to the decisions we made in life.
Living a life of regret is the biggest mistake you can make. Always remember in life "No effort is wasted" and learning from
mistakes we had made in the past is the way we should do for ourselves. We can choose to regret or learn from our mistake.
It's your choice and what we chose will determine the outcome of our life.

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