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8 Effective Sales Closing Techniques

A contract is an exchange of promises between ...Image via Wikipedia If you are in the sales profession you will definitely find this post useful, I like to share 8 closing techniques with closing statements that will help you be more effective in your sales pitch.

1-2-3 close
The 1-2-3 Close works through the principle of triples, a curious pattern where three things given together act as a coherent set of three hammer-blows that give a compelling message.

Adjournment Close
In many sales situations the relationship is very important as the sales person will be going back to the customer with more sales to make. It is thus a bad idea to push them into a decision when they are not ready and may later be unhappy about this.

Affordable Close
The Affordable Close works by structuring the finance of the deal to fit into the other person's ability to pay.

Alternative Close
The Alternative Close is a variant on the broader-based Assumptive Close and works primarily through the assumption principle, where you act as if the customer has already decided to buy, and the only question left is which of a limited number of options they should choose.

Balance-sheet Close
The Balance-sheet Close works by building Trust through appearing to taking a balanced and fair approach. It guides the other person's thinking and hopefully saves them the trouble of weighing up the pros and the cons.

Companion Close
The Companion Close works because the companion to whom you are selling the idea does not have to make a financial or other commitment and so will be more ready to agree with you.

Conditional Close
The Conditional Close uses the Exchange principle to build a social agreement that if I solve your problem, you will buy the product in return.

Ownership Close
The Ownership Close uses the assumption principle, acting as if they already owned the product. This seeks to create mental closure on the principle of already

Closing Statements using the closing techniques

Affordable close

“You are only using 10% of your income to take care of 100% of the problem. Doesn’t that sound great to you?”

Just by putting an affordable amount of $X per day, you will be able to provide your child’s dream education.

Companion close

Should anything happen to your husband, you will be affected. Though we can’t assist you in emotional needs, we could assist in filling up the income gap.

1-2-3 close

“If you make the commitment to purchase the product today, you get the savings, the productivity and our committed service.”

By doing this, you get protection, savings and a peace of mind.

Ownership close

“Imagine what you can do with this product”

With this sum of money, do you think you will be able to give your child her dream education?

“Now what will you do with a million dollars?”

Alternative close

Would you prefer to save on a monthly or annual basis?

“Both plans meet your needs, would you like to start with plan A or plan B?”

Do you want to pay by installments or in full?

Conditional close

If I can work out your concerns, would you go ahead with this plan?

If I can provide you with a solution, will you consider making the decision today?

Balance sheet close

“Since I have helped to meet your concerns with your budget, can we go ahead with the plan?” (Conditional)

Adjournment close

I’ll like to give you a day or two to think this through.

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