Friday, 19 September 2008

Pinhole Glasses

I envy people with perfect eyesight and it is always my dream to have perfect eyesight but spending long hours on the computer screen daily didn't really bring me any closer to my dream. Furthermore being a bespectacled guy who enjoys different array of outdoor sports, wearing glasses is a hassle.

That's why I want to be free from relaying on visual aids. One of the most common option available to solve my mild visual disorder is to go for a Eye Lasik surgery. However going under the knife is a “no no” for me as I'm not really in flavor of taking the risk. Recently I have come across a product which I believe will give me a ray of hope. The good thing about it is no surgery is required and it is a cheaper, safer and simpler alternative compare to Lasik surgery. It is the pinhole glasses.

Recently I just got mine shipped in. When I open up the parcel my first impression of my pinhole glasses is they look like my old pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses and it did fits me comfortably, however what’s in it for me is the pinhole glasses has the following amazing benefits:

-Helps you see near or far objects clearly without prescription glasses by using the pin-hole scientific principle to focus a sharper image on the retina.

-Eliminates stress and strain caused by glasses. The pinhole glasses has no prescription. The same pair works to see far and near!

-Breaks your dependence on glasses and helps us to relearn to see naturally unaided.

-Prevents your eyesight from deteriorating and helps improve vision.

-Helps improve eyesight naturally

-Activates your natural vision ability to see clearly by training your eyes and mind to be better coordinated, and strengthening the muscles and nerves in your brain and vision system to see better naturally.

Sounds incredible!!! You can read more about it here

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