Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Power of Self-Discipline

w:Collage of varius w:Gray's muscle pictures b...Image via WikipediaSelf-discipline is like a muscle. Every exercise of self-discipline, in any area, strengthens all your other disciplines. In Dorothea Brande’s book Wake Up and Live, she spends an entire chapter explaining how to develop your “discipline muscles.”

From getting up in the morning and making your bed immediately, through to planning and preparing each day, being punctual, keeping your word, completing your assignments on time, and following through on your commitments to yourself and others. She explains how you can train yourself to become a highly disciplined person. “Success is tons of discipline.”

The bad news is that every weakness in discipline, in any area, weakens all your other disciplines as well. They are not separable. The best part of the practice of self-discipline is that, each time you discipline yourself to do something that you know you should do, your self-esteem goes up. You like yourself more. Your self-image improves. You respect yourself more, and are more respected by others. Every act of self-discipline makes you a more confident, happier person. When you practice self-discipline regularly, in small and large matters, you feel good about yourself.

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