Friday, 2 January 2009

My Unbelievable New year's Day Gift

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I have not been playing the guitar for some years as I have given my guitar away. However, I have been thinking of buying a new guitar for a long time but I have not told anyone about this. As times has been really bad I decide put the thought aside and keep the money for better use.

To my biggest surprise on New Year's Day my dear friend gave me her Guitar. This guitar was bought 2 years back, the funny thing is my friend don't play the guitar at all. The very reason why my friend bought this guitar is because she feels it is too beautiful (See it for yourself) and I fully agree to it.

No words can describe the feeling when I receive this gift, I will say I fell in love with this beautiful piece of musical instrument immediately the moment it was presented to me. It's a Black Ibanez Semi Acoustic Guitar(AEG10E)

This is how the Guitar looks like

A closer look inside the Guitar's Body

Tail of the Guitar

Inbuilt with preamp and tuner

Looking back, I want to thank my friend for this special gift I felt so blessed, I will definitely cherish this gift and spend time playing or maybe writing some song with it. Hence to conclude this post, I will like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may all Good Things be with you always.

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QuaChee said...

hey that's cool! what a nice friend and a nice gift. will be hearing you with yr guitar now! :)

Anonymous said...

hey if you ever feel the need to give this guitar away, send it to me, i will surely take care of it and give it the playing it deserves hehehe what a great new years present you have :) please play with it as much as you can hehehe