Monday, 12 January 2009

The power of a Collage

I been reading that successful people like to keep mental picture to remind themselves of their dreams and goals in their life. The key purpose of doing this is to have a constant reminder for ourselves

Do you know our subconscious mind cannot differential between false and reality. Therefore feeding our mind with positive information has a definite impact to ourselves, It will program our mind and body to move towards the direction we want to go.

Recently I made myself a collage after much hesitation (as it really takes up of lot of time, as I'm not artistically incline :P) and I can say I am very proud of myself after my project is completed. Now I can see my dreams and goals right in front of me everyday.

A collage is simply a picture of your thoughts capture on printed media. Having a collage tells your mind the message that you are serious about what you are thinking, as they are not drifting thoughts but dreams that you are working on.

In addition I will also like to link anyone who has a collage. What you have to do is to post your collage in your blog and I will put your blogpost link here. Drop me a mail if you have a collage.

My Collage


QuaChee said...

buddy, ive been wanting to do a collage too - to remind me of my goals despite the challenges :)

stormwhistle said...

Don't think anymore just do it :)