Saturday, 24 January 2009

What is your Personal Metaphor ?

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Do you have a personal metaphor?

I think I would like mine to be a " gently-flowing-brook ".

i am moving along all the time, not standing still or getting stuck in one place... it's also full of the sounds of a bubbling brook... the sounds of many waters is also the sounds of music.... i can meander along many by-ways... i enjoy the scenery... the meadows,the flowers, the trees, the buildings as i pass them by.... i can detour to many places of interests... i can finally join the ocean....flowing water is very calming and therapeutic as i hope to be a healing balm for other people's hurts....the brook is alive with living things within and enjoys all beauty and living things without...

I found this personal metaphor thing to be a very interesting exercise indeed. As it has help me to function in the ways I want myself to be.

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QuaChee said...

another inspiring post from you, buddy! :)

stormwhistle said...

Thanks buddy :)