Friday, 6 February 2009

How to Hear God's Voice?

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I just feel that I want to share with you about hearing God and what I am going to say is only a very small part in a big thing.  Yes we hear 3 voices, First - self, Second - Satan and Third - GOD.  when we pray about something, the answer comes, but primarily our own will also come, then Satan will also say something  THEN THE BIG ONE ALSO SAY SOMETHING.

Discern - this is the difficult part - to find out - to sieve through and find the answer that is from God and not our own will talking or Satan. Be still and ask God to show you to confirm to you which one is from HIM.  through trial and error, through time, through experience, you will learn to know, to distinguish which idea or voice is from God.  When I say three voices, I actually mean three ideas that will drop into your head as you pray or just after you prayed.  For a smaller percentage of people, whom I think are so so favoured, they can actually hear God's voice.  For most of us,  I think it is the thoughts that are dropped into our heads. 

This is one common way of hearing God.  Every one is different.  Some they "hear" God through their dreams and wonders that will appear to them . 

We can pray for a specific way - ask God that I want to "hear" you through dreams and wonders, and it is entirely up to HIM which media HE wants to let us know of HIS answers. 

It can also be from reading the BIBLE.  Some of us is when you read, the words just jump up at you and at that moment you know (you will know somehow) that this verse is meant for you from God.

So please do not think that you cannot hear God, that you have a problem with hearing God, it is more , are you "seeing" or "hearing" correctly?  God has always been there, saying, answering, but sometimes, we choose not to see or hear as it is not an option we want.

Obedience, trust, faith, all into one, we are such stubborn people, sometimes just being naughty we CHOOSE not to listen, not to follow, and follow only our own whims and fancy, that is also when we failed to "listen" .

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