Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Personal Metaphor 2

Refractive phenomena, such as this rainbow, ar...Image via Wikipedia


I stand sturdy and strong.
And yet... I am flexible and can bend with the wind.... and can easily adjust to changes that life brings.
I am planted beside living waters.

My roots go deep into the fertile soil of continued learning and discovery.
I drink deeply of the waters of God's wisdom.

I spread my branches and give pleasant shade and shelter to others.
I have music in my soul.... I love the 'music' of my leaves rustling in the breeze, mingling with the melodies of bird song.....( other living beings making beautiful music with me )


I am a very special bow set in the sky by God as a covenant with man.
As a Rainbow, I am personally vibrantly happy and spread good cheer as I am the combination of every beautiful colour that together make up the exquisite Rainbow.

I arch high... so high over everything and have a macro picture and overview of things.
... and best of all, there is a pot of gold at the end of my Rainbow!

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