Thursday, 26 February 2009

Practical Household Tips

A close up photo I took of brown sugar crystal...Image via Wikipedia

I am a DIY kinda of person and finding effective ways to make life easy, is something I always enjoy.

For example when you have discover or found useful information which can be so practical and helpful, you have got to share it and let the information benefit everyone.

And now I am starting this series of tested practical household tips, which I think will be very useful for our daily living

Rust Removal
Removing rust from metal object like utensils, knife etc. Cut an onion into half and use its wet exposed surface to rub the rusty metal surface to remove rust .

Softening Brown Sugar
Place a slice of apple into brown sugar jar, this will help to soften it

Removal of Odour
No one likes the smell of perspiration on our clothes. An effective to get rid of the smell is by soaking your clothes into half a bucket of water, which 3-4 tablets of Aspirin has been added for a couple of hours.

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pikey said...

thanks for the rust removal tips!!

Rhonda said...

These are great tips! The rust removal tip ought to come in very handy especially. In the spring they flush our water mains and the water gets very rusty for days at a time. It seems like I always realize they are doing it by way of washing a load of whites, that will inevitably come out orange...