Thursday, 19 March 2009

How to write a proper cover letter and resume

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Seeking for employment? And still figuring out how to write a good cover letter and resume?

With these resources, you’ll be able to get help with your cover letter and resume.

  1. Damn Good Resumes: On this site, you’ll find damn good templates and samples for your resume.

  2. Emurse: Emurse will convert your resume into the online-ready hResume format.

  3. How to Create a Job Winning Resume: This resource offers lots of great information for creating an effective resume.

  4. Resume Readiness Quiz: Find out how ready your resume is for competing in today’s job market from this quiz.

  5. Resolio: Use Resolio to build an online-ready resume.

  6. Resume Calculator: Make use of this quiz to build an easy resume.

  7. Online Resume Writing Workshop: Check out this workshop to learn how to create an effective resume.

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