Sunday, 31 May 2009

Pratical Household Tips 3

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Removing Odours in refrigerator
Placing a cotton ball soaked in vanilla or an open box of soda on the lower deck of the fridge will do the trick

Sharpening Scissors

Tired of losing your sharpening stone that you hardly use. Now you can simply do this by sharpening your old scissors or knives using the neck of a glass bottle.

Dead Sea Salt Bath Foam

I used to buy bath foam with dead sea salt that cost SGD$15 per bottle, until I discovered this trick. Just create your own dead sea salt bath creme by adding in fine sea salt into your regular bath creme(1 table spoonful for every 100 ML). You will find that using salt in your bath foam, will give you a cleaner skin than your usual bath creme.

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1 comment:

QuaChee said...

hey this is good info alrite. love the salt bath info!

on the fridge odour, is it ok to use charcoal?