Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Does God Really Exist?

Albert EinsteinImage via Wikipedia

Does God Really Exist? This is the question that is in most people's mind.

Look how the young Albert Einstein's answer in this video could be something for you to think about.

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kenwooi said...

maybe, maybe not.. free-thinkers dont think so.. religions believe so.. =)


lovelyloey said...

Yeah, so it's the absence of God's love that innocent victims are killed in random natural disasters, even the staunch Southern Christians affected by Katrina.

stormwhistle said...

God's Love has never been absent. It is the ignorance of GOd's love by man.

Rob said...

Bad things happen - it's just part of a fallen world, and sometimes they happen to Christians. The believer, however, knows that this world is temporary and that even if bad things happen, we look forward to the next life where there is no more pain or suffering.