Monday, 25 January 2010

The Mighty Pacman

I will say Manny Pacquiao (Pacman) is currently the best known Pinoy in the world now. His feat in the boxing world for being the first to win 7 World boxing Title in 7 different weight category has made him the No. 1 pound for pound boxer in the world.

Aside from being a boxer, Pacquiao has participated in politics, acting, filmmaking, and music recording.

Here are some of the coming attractions in place for the pacman.

First in line the pacman will be feature in the upcoming movie Twilight, which he will be feature as a vampire.

Riding on his fame, there will be more film projects in line for the pacman. For example "Lord of the rings" as Aragorn

Star Wars where the Pacman will feature as "Aniki Skywalker"

The Pacman is no stranger to the military as he has served as a military reservist holding the ramk of a "Sergent Major" Therefore it is no coincedence that he will be feature in "Saving Private Pacquiao"

The Japanese Comic made to movie "Dragonball"

Of Course The Orginal "SuperPacman"

Some local productions

Music production as F4 from the Pinoy's version Meteor Rain

Bringing honour and glory to philippines, the pacman will be gracing one of his nation's currency

Not forgetting his ambition in politics, he may one day be the president of Philippines. So for the pacman's fans I believe they will all support him all the way towards his dream.
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