Saturday, 29 December 2007

Why Is Shopping Online Better Than Going To A Mall?

This is a question all of us might ask ourselves or others at least once. The real answer is that it is so much better to shop online for many reasons. Let’s list a few great reasons as to why the Internet is a better way of shopping.

1. When you go shopping at a mall you first have to get dressed with the proper clothing depending on the season. If you were to shop on-line, you can stay in your pajamas.

2. If you shop at a mall you must find a way to get there. It can be either by car, bus, or some other form of transportation. If you stay home and go on-line to shop you would not have to go through the trouble of finding transportation or spend any money be it on gas or on bus fare, etc.

3. If you decide on driving to the mall you then must find a parking spot and do I really have to go into how irritating this process can be? The only thing you must find to park yourself onto is a chair when shopping on the Internet.

4. Shopping at a mall can be frustrating, for you will need to find stores depending on the size of the mall. This can waste time and cause confusion. It is much easier to use a search engine to find exactly what you are looking for hence less confusion.

5. Malls are usually filled with people who are just as frustrated as you are and are moving quickly and carelessly. There is never a time where you will not accidentally bump someone or get in someone’s way (or they get in yours). This will never happen when searching on the Internet for items you want to purchase.

Well here are my 5 top reasons as to why shopping on the internet is a lot easier, cheaper, and less time consuming than it would be if you went to a mall. You can find things like books, CDs, electronic gadgets etc easily in Amazon which may be available or out of stock at the mall. You should check it out. It has awesome gifts for everyone in your life . I mean, can you seriously find these great products in one spot at a mall? Nope!

Come on, I feel I have adequately answered the question of “Why Is Shopping Online Better Than Going to A Mall?” wouldn’t you agree? I still believe that Mall shopping can be a great experience when you have the time, money, energy, and patience. When you do not have these, Online shopping is definitely the way to go! So go ahead, start shopping in your peaceful living room, in your pajamas, with a hot cup of coffee today! Really, who said shopping couldn’t be fun! Happy online shopping everyone!

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