Sunday, 13 January 2008

Making the best out of Year 2008

I hope this didn't come too late, my challenge for each of you when your are reading this, is to please post a comment with your experience.

Want more results in the work you are engaging now?
Get rid of all the old energy in the work you've done.
Are there any open loops left with any of your peers?
Any agreements or disagreements that have not handle
or resolved? Any agendas and communications that
need to be expressed? Go get it handle ASAP

Want more clothes? Go through your closets and storage
areas. Box up, bag up, and cart off to the charity of your
choice everything that you haven't worn in the last 24 months.
I'm sure if you haven't worn it for 2 year you won't bewearing it

Want to have more time to go where you want to, when you
want to,with new transportation? Clean out your glove
compartment and the trunk of your car. And for heaven's sake,
get those little thingsfixed that have been bugging you.

Do you want more wealth? Unhook from the investments and
resources that have been nagging at you to change. And give
more than you usually do - in cash, in kind, in service -
to someone or something that inspires you to do so.
What goes around, comes around.

Do you want to feel more useful? Give anything that you are
under-utilizing to someone who can employ it better. Make
sure you really let it go, with no strings attached.

Want some new visions for your life and work? Clean up and
organize your study table and your decks of old photographs.
Do the same with the digital photos that have been accumulating
on your computer.

Want to know what to do with your life when you grow up?
Start by cleaning the center drawer of your desk, or the catch-
all drawer in your kitchen. You won't know how good you'll
feel until you do it.

I'm sure you get the idea by now. Whatever you want more
of in your life, ask yourself if there is something you can get
rid of to make room for more of what you want. Your constructive
creativity is ready for a fulfilling new year. It just needs some
room to work and play.

You will have to do all this anyway, sometime. Right now don't
worry about the new. It's coming toward you at lightning speed,
no matter what.Just get the decks clear so you're really ready to rock `n roll.
- Hey!!! don't forget to post your comment ok :)

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EuroYank said...

After blogging for many years, I have decided that most people are stupid, and do not know what is going on, and are brainwashed or do not care. I want more educated people to comment on my blog and less stupid people. I want people that know the difference between British English and American English, and I want people who can be open-minded and be willing to accept truth. I want less arrogant Americans, less American fascists, less of the normal American idiots that populate this planet so most of us can live a decent and normal life. And I do not want any idiots to comment on my comment!

stormwhistle said...

Let me start the ball rolling. What's in it for me in 2008 "to be the best year of my life" is to officially launch my "First" travel website by February this year. Opps it's next month, running short of time. Anyway this will be the best thing to happen to me this year. What's yours? My friend take this post comment as your public declaration. And let everyone hold you "accountable". If no one does this "I will". Try me, Cheers

stormwhistle said...

Hey! Bro EuroYank beat me by a couple of minutes.

8sin49 said...

I am going sure to my blessing intuition from my soul!

health`s soul mine is the greatest of blessings

PS1 in mine language :Romanian language

[ sanatatea sufletului meu e cea mai mare fericire]


SOUL was the HEART of the revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sile this Millennium

8sin49 said...

I am going sure to my blessing intuition from my soul!

health`s soul mine is the greatest of blessings

PS1 in mine language :Romanian language

[ sanatatea sufletului meu e cea mai mare fericire]


SOUL was the HEART of the revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol said...

This year is my take it easy on myself year. I am making no resolutions (that I never keep anyway) and I am just gonna take care of me. Yep! It's all about ME this year :)
Hey Euroyank,
How do you really feel about stupid people...LOL!

waliz said...

hello bro,
whether i want it or not challenge does i will handle it wth all my energy...

i'm clearing my closet once a year and then give it to a charity..thts a very small contribution...

and the rest..thanks for all the is easier said than done but i will keep trying to do my best in any situations...and because i'm still here to give comment i think i have done a good job!

Anonymous said...

I wish all those nitty-gritty stuffs can just disappear with a wave of Harry Potter's magic stick. Maybe I can get someone to do it. A maid ?? It's not irriate me yet. Maybe I'll just let it lying there. Cos' I am laze pig by nature.

oyvind said...

Hey you! :) I am going to spend a lot more time with my family and baby daughter. I am going to work less, come late to work and leave early. I'm probably going to meet myself in the doorway but oh well. :)

PrimeProjects said...

This is a good post.

I was just discussing with some how that we should enter 2008 with a positive attitude. Part of this is acting in hopeful expectation of good things.

To make place for those things that you're expecting to come would be a good insight into how to apply this positive concept.

Thanks for the post!

Footholds For Favorable Outcomes

Sueblimely said...

All I want is to continue not wanting and to be happy with life as it is. It took me many many years to learn this and I do not wish it to change.

stormwhistle said...

Great!! I can see posts coming in. Let this post be a record of your resolutions, dreams & Goals. There is a saying which goes something like this "The faintest ink is stronger than a powerful memory." And when you post your comment, your mind clearly remembers your commitment as you have made a public declaration. I hope to see more posts coming in. As I will put all the posts into a time capsule by the end of this month. And I will open it up for all who posted at the end of this year. I'm sure you would want to know what did you post in the beginning of this year. The joy is always in the process of doing and fulfilling.

Quachee said...

Hey great post there! I need this Malaysia book to be ready for printers by end Feb 08!

Jackie said...

I never make resolutions as I tend to break them before the end of January.

I do hope to get more organised in my home this year and continue trying to develop my creative side.
Maybe even start another blog. If it happens it happens if not there is always 2009.

Anyway I hope you have a wonderful 2008.