Sunday, 27 July 2008

Good, Fast and Cheap Service

WASHINGTON - DECEMBER 31:  (AFP OUT) (L-R) Wil...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeMany times when you ask this question to someone who is shopping for a service like automobile repair, plumbing, renovation services etc. They will definitely want it to be Good, Fast and Cheap.

However you will never find a service that will be Good, Fast and Cheap. But you can only choose any of the two, but not all three.

What am I trying to say? Try to think like this.

1) Good and Fast services won't be Cheap
2) Fast and Cheap services won't be Good
3) Good and Cheap services won't be Fast

Does this make senses? So in future when you are shopping for a service, have this mentality than you will be not be disappointed, when things don't turn out to be what you expect.

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QuaChee said...

hi there. if i may, i think that is a belief?

on the other hand if you are right, then there is a blue ocean market out there. and that is where these companies succeed :)