Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Ideas Worth Spreading to the world

When you have ideas worth sharing and will benefit others. You will feel you have the fiery passion and desire to want to share with the world.

However people have the mentally free information are useless information, therefore they paid thousands of $$$ dollars to attain seminar to feed themselves with "so call valuable information"

Believe it or not, free information does not necessary be junk information, you got to do your own filtering of the information you gather. I will say the best example is the internet, you can literally find anything you want in the internet using search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN ETC free of charge and all you need is to be proficient with search engine "Keywords"

I have a recently stumble upon a very informative site call TED . In it you will find people sharing the latest information on science, technology, business etc, and mind you the people sharing these information are subject matter experts and not any TOM DICK or BOB. The best of all, the information there are free.

I have grew to glue myself to this site as there are so many things I can learn there, and this will be my Free Online Learning Seminar.
so log on to TED.COM to learn something new. Enjoy and have fun

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QuaChee said...

hey buddy thanks for the TED link! thats quite something. btw agree with you on free ideas can be good useful ideas! :)