Saturday, 27 June 2009

Michael Jackson is coming to town!!!

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The day was 30th Aug 1993 @ 7.45pm, a teenage boy was thrilled as he is going to see Michael Jackson's Dangerous World Tour live in Singapore for the very first time. It was a night he will never forget, the boy is non other than myself and this has been more than 15 years.

When I got the news yesterday morning, I just couldn't believe that Micheal has left us. I just feel he is still around in our mist as his music, his dance moves, his voice and his magic will always be in our heart.

His achievements are untouchable, with more than 750 million album sold worldwide and 13 Grammy Awards, he is indeed one of the most successful entertainer in our time.

With his 50 come back concerts fully sold out in London, you know how many people have been awaiting for the opportunity to ever see him perform live again. However we will never have the chance again.

I went on to open up my little black box, where I kept my entrance ticket to the King of Pop live concert which I have keep as a momento for more than 15 years. I just want to pray that may his soul rest in peace and you will always continue to live on in our hearts. We will always love you M.J

Tribute to Michael Jackson "The King of Pop"

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Drew said...

If MJ had someone who cared enough to get him addiction treatment, then he might actually still be alive.