Monday, 21 September 2009

Winning is a Habit

Why do some people achieve their goals consistently? It is because they have made winning a habit.

I remember once someone ask me. What is your relationship with results? I couldn't answer him, because at that time I was at period of where I was lost and have no vision in life.

When we have no intention of creating results, we will fall into the category of being mediocre. Nothing wrong about that, however is that what you really want out of your life. Life is short and we only have one shot to life, give it your best and make a difference.

Therefore winning is a habit which we can cultivate. Make winning your friend, and build a relationship with results.

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QuaChee said...

hey buddy like this topic u mentioned. there are times when i need such reminders. yes, lets make winning a habit, and that everyday, a step closer to our dreams :)