Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Practical Household Tips 3

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Removal of chewing gum

Ever got chewing gum stuck on your hard surface items. This will need some help of science to solve your problem, all you need is just a piece of solid ICE CUBE over the chewing gum for about 1 minute. After than the chewing gum will contract and it will be easily removed.

Cleaning your chopping board

Scrub the surface of your chopping board with some salt. After than rinse it off with warm water. The salt will remove the stains and odour for your chopping board.

Removal of Candle Wax from its holder

Just place your candle holder into you refridgerator for about an hour. After than the wax will come off easily.

Practical Household Tips 2

Pracical Household Tips 1

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Rob said...

That tip about cleaning a cutting board is actually pretty handy!