Saturday, 21 November 2009

10 Golden Tips on listening to your music safely

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For safe listening in your car, follow these simple tips:

* Stick to mid-paced music if you want to keep calm in stressful driving situations - there's a reason why many taxi drivers choose it!

* To ensure a calm and positive frame of mind, choose music which evokes pleasant memories. You probably have favourite summer tunes, for example.

* Avoid songs with overly aggressive lyrics. For many, tracks like Prodigy's 'Firestarter' are less than ideal.

* Avoid music which is overly complex (eg songs with little repetition or, say, unusual remixes of well-known tracks) as they can be highly distracting.

* If going on a long journey, select music which varies in volume, tempo and style - it will stop you getting bored and help increase awareness.

* Listen at a comfortable volume level. Loud music will distract you - and, if really loud, annoy other drivers too.

* Never wear earphones or headphones whilst driving. If you want to listen to your MP3 player, plug it into your car stereo if you can.

* Do not attempt to change a CD whilst driving at speed. If you need to change volume or radio station, don't take your eyes off the road.

* Sing along to the music you choose if you know it well enough, but don't pretend you're on stage.

* Resist the urge to play air guitar - or, indeed, any other 'air' instrument - whilst driving. 'Playing' the car door, with your arm out of the window, isn't recommended either...

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kenwooi said...

when i drive on the highway, i also put rock songs.. so that i dont get sleepy =P

oh yeah, it makes me drive faster too.. =P

Rob said...

Some good tips. At work, I can't I listen to anything heavy, because then I can't concentrate. So instead I listen to a lot of ambient, electronic music that helps the day pass.