Friday, 27 November 2009

Unmerited Favor

For the past one year I have been dilgently listening to this man's message "The Gosepl of Grace". I can say being a christian for the past 12 years I have never heard anyone preach with such level of depth and knowledge on the subject of God's Grace, Mercy and favour.

Because of his message I have experience so much Freedom, Faith, Holiness and Grace in my life and my relationship with God has been getting better since. And I know this is just the begining, as in 2 Peter Chap 1 states = Grace and Favor abounds with the knowledge of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!!!

I highly recommend Joseph Prince materials especially his new book Unmerited Favor
. Although this book has not been launch yet, I have already told my good friend who is attending Joseph Prince church that, I will be recieving this book as a Xmas gift. Indeed Xmas has come early for me.

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kenwooi said...

he kinda looks like the older version of the guy from high school musical.. =)